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Tanita Tikaram – Twist in My Sobriety

All God's children need traveling shoes
Drive your problems from here
All good people read good books
Now your conscience is clear
I hear you talk girl
Now your conscience is clear

In the morning when I wipe my brow
Wipe the miles away
I like to think I can be so willed
And never do what you say
I'll never hear you
And never do what you say

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety

We just poked a little empty pie
For the fun that people had at night
Late at night don't need hostility
The timid smile and pause to free

I don't care about their different thoughts
Different thoughts are good for me
Up in arms and chaste and whole
All God's children took their toll

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety

Cup of tea take time to think yeah
Time to risk a life a life a life
Sweet and handsome soft and porky
You pig out 'til you've seen the light
Pig out 'til you've seen the light

Half the people read the papers
Read them good and well
Pretty people nervous people
People have got to sell
News you have to sell

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety

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All that hokey cokey business

Recently I’ve come across an article in the Guardian online edition about the UK government’s education white paper on turning schools into multi-academy trusts and got interested in the use of the famous ‘hokey cokey’ word:

The new president will be highly critical of the Department for Education’s changes to assessments for primary school pupils, with controversial new assessments introduced and in some cases withdrawn through departmental error, such as the new key stage one spelling, punctuation and grammar (Spag) assessment.
“Do we now have the hokey cokey of assessment?” Johnson will ask. “You put the Spag test in, you put the Spag test out, you put it all online and wait for the children to shout: “I know the answer – what was the question? (http://www.theguardian.com/education/2016/apr/29/headteachers-union-chief-slams-government-over-academisation-policy )

Do you know where this ‘hokey cokey’ come from? Listen to the children’s song, watch the participation dance, and appreciate the originality of the stylistic device in the article.

The history of the song itself is also very interesting. Read about it at http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2012/03/frasers-phrases-the-curious-history-of-the-hokey-cokey

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Hamlet Theatre Banter

Scene I
(Офелия и Гамлет спят, 6 утра)
H – Oh, father… Hmmm…He killed you! And then again and again… There’s no light, my dearest mother.
O – My love, give me some minute just to sleep
H – Oh, no! Betrayers! Where’s the sweetest Justice!
O – My dear, please… I want to sleep!
H – You! You are the one who killed him! You!
O – Oh, Jesus… What a jerk I’m married to? And every goddamn night you’re talking to yourself. Should better buy me some new clothes..
H – I beg you… No…
(Офелия злится)
O – Is that so difficult to make your wife more happy? To buy a new dress or ring with a diamond? You only makes me cry! (
задумчиво) when Ann or Mary are happier than me…just buying some new clothes or i-phones…
H – Nevermore!
(Будит его)
O – Wake up, you piece of!.. whatever… It’s time for you now to go to your work, my dearest (teasing).
H – I dreamt that…
O – Who cares? Go to work! And make me breakfast
H (не слыша) – I’ve dreamt that I’ve seen  father
O – He’s dead… I’m gonna meet my brother.. So.. Don’t wait for me tonight
H – And he was like a ghost…and I was wearing a crown.
O – what a weird man… Goodbye, my dear (выгоняет с кровати, ложится обратно)
H – I was’n Medieval. T’was late night, the knights all over. The bright light of the moon was.. (Офелия храпит). Ophelia?                    

Scene II
(Hamlet is near the pub Drunken Duchess, going to work. The closest phone booth is ringing.)
H – Ah… Okey. Strange. Yes?
V – voice
V – Mr. Amletus?
H – Yes, that’s me… Who’s that I hear?
V – Mr. Simpleton. Should I remind you who I am?
H – oh… No, sir. Sorry. I feel a kinda weird… eeerm
V -  I strongly recommend you to see a doctor. Soon. Tomorrow?
H -  I feel so confused… What is wrong?
V -  You’re fired.
H – I’m fired… Sorry, what? But how? But I’s the best and…
Piiiip piiiiip piiiiiip
(Policeman – P)
P – Sir, you’re ok? 
H – hardly… I feel…
P – Do I’ve call the ambulance?
H – I’ll do myself. A lot of thanks… (берет трубку будки).Hmm. Nobody answers…
P – Good luck, sir. (уходит, оборачивается и про себя) Hey idiot, its broken. Need tell my guys, they’ll like it. (усмехается)
H (звонит с будки)
Hr - Horatio
H – Horatio, my friend! Where are you?
Hr -  Hey, dude. Go to the Drunken Duchess pub!
H – Hmm. Where’s it?
Hr – Behind you.
(в пабе)
Hr – Hey, man! How are you?
H – I’m fine.. I’m fine…
Hr – Hey, boy. Two shots, please. The same as usual! I’ll pay, friend.
H –Thank you… Now’I even won’t have money to pay wife’s debts.  And…
Hr – And what? C’mon, dude. Don’t be so shy. We’re old good friends, so talk to me. How is your sweetest wife? How is your dog, Mike?
H – Dog? I don’t…
Hr – That pretty puppy you wanted to buy when you were once so high..
H – (смеется) Oh, please, Horatio. Now cheers! For pretty puppies and their wives!
Hr (ухмыляется) – Long live the King!
H (останавливается, потом махает рукой и пьют ещё)
HrSo hows your work?
H – ha.. I’m fired! I’m who was the best for almost 15 years.
Hr – You’re kidding…
H - No, I’m not. How was that:? To be or not to be?..
Hr – That it is the question. Yes. That is (задумчиво).  Hey, man. Repeat, please (бармэну)
Hr – We need to talk (уже пьяные немного)
H – We are.  Right now.
Hr – Your life is hard. Your life is hopeless. No one whom you can trust.
There’s the way, the way of hope…
H – ha, to turn to dust? (смеется)
Hr (
серьёзно) – your wife has debts, you have no money. Your wife has (a) lover – you have not.
So what’s the point of the thinking… Your life is not (a) jackpot.
H – maybe. I need… well… Bye, my friend. I’m done
Hr – May pick you up?
H – No. All by myself. Thank you, my knight. They killed him.
Hr – Long live the King!
(Гамлет уходит за дверь, Горацио пьет, происходит шум за дверью - Гамлет выстрелил в себя)

Scene III
(Ophelia alone)
Where are you, silly. I worry much about you.
It’s ten p.m.  My darling… I don’t understand.  Today I paid my bills, thanks to my brother. (взыхает) and thanks to you… for all my dreams are coming true while I have been living near you…(Звонит телефон, босс Гамлета – S)
S -  Mrs. Amletus, is that you?
O – yes, yes. Please speak, where’s my husband?
S – Pardon, who? I thought you knew…
O – Oh, please. Please tell me you’re joking.. I’ve been worrying the whole day. Please, tell me, he is okey.
S  – I’m sorry, Mrs. He didn’t come at time. I called him – He did not answer..
O – Oh, God! I’ll call police!
S – please, call me back, I worry too. He was my best, right arm just…
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

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